As a financial services company, you want to provide timely information to your clients. For many firms, this goal falls short due to inadequate communications systems. At Notify.com , our state-of-the-art notification system will give your company the edge, and your customers will appreciate you for it.  
  Financial systems are vulnerable to shocks and events that can decimate your clients' portfolios. For several companies, it takes too long to alert these clients. If you had a better communications mechanism,such as an SMS Sending Service. you could broadcast messages to your clients in real-time , which is powerful.  
  Mass notification software for financial services can be set up to alert customers about asset prices. However, this is just a small fraction of what can be done. You can send alerts with technical analysis signals or when stop losses may be near triggering. You can also use the messaging software for financial institutions to send trade messages or once tax forms are created.  
  Security is a big concern today in financial markets . You can use notification software to help verify legitimate customers or warn of any suspicious activity. You can also send a mass broadcast message if you become aware of a breach in the system. This action can help reduce liabilities caused by government investigations into the breach. Agents will see that you performed due diligence.  
  Mass notification for financial services can be also utilize an SMS Sending Service to broadcast industry reports to their clients. They can be reserved for high-profile clients or distributed to all. The clients can opt-in to these services without any interaction from an administrator, which frees the administrator to handle more important tasks.  
  Our solution can be run on-premise, or hosted in the cloud. In addition, Notify.com is omnichannel, so you won't have to worry about your clients getting the proper notifications. The system also provides robust reporting features , allowing you to address your clients' concerns and inquiries.  
  Learn more on our website about how our messaging software for financial institutions can streamline operations with your clients.  
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