Is your government agency prepared for the next emergency? It's known from the past that governments have procedures in place. But if you want even faster methods of communicating information to a large group of people, consider the services of Notify.com, including our Government Notification Software. We have leading-edge technology to help you get the word out quicker.  
  As most government agencies are aware, emergencies require split-second decisions, and any delays in broadcasting the information could have disastrous results. That's why having an effective emergency mass notification system is crucial.  
  When you have access to streamlined communications systems, you raise situational awareness significantly. You can even implement One Touch Reply , where message recipients click on a system-generated button to acknowledge receipt of the broadcasted messages.  
  Your agency can create alarm system blueprints. These blueprints use templates that can be defined to trigger messages based on situations the system can detect.  
  Mass messaging is not confined to emergency use only. You can utilize our Government Notification Software to alert constituents of events and developments in the communities your agency serves. Your constituents can opt-in using our subscription notification service. You can broadcast changes in laws or respond to issues on how your agency is responsive to the community's needs.  
  You can access the system via the web-accessible, centralized platform. You will not need to install client software and deal with updates and patches. When we make any updates, they are reflected the next time you access the system. And the user interface is a web browser, which most users already know how to use.  
  We also developed our solution as omnichannel, so you won't have to worry about compatibility. SMS text, email, and even audio broadcasts are available, as are voice calls.  
  If your agency needs to enhance its emergency mass notification procedures, look no further than Notify.com. Since 1993, we have been a leader in the communications industry. Contact us today to learn how to get started.  
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