The healthcare industry requires split-second decision-making. It can mean the difference between life and death. Medical practitioners may be waiting for lab results and must get the word out to teams. During emergencies, workers need access to timely information. At Notify.com, we have tailored part of our emergency mass notification service for the healthcare industry . Our solution will get your message to the right people when they need to know.  
  Healthcare is an industry that benefits from critical event management. These events often require coordinated communications and acknowledgment . Teams no longer have to wonder if their messages got through. They will know immediately via the notification software for hospitals.  
  When your critical event solution is configurable, you can implement the healthcare notification system according to your specific needs. You control which teams and people will receive messages. There are also subscription-based options where users can opt-in or opt-out . With this option, you put your users in control. This aspect becomes administration-free.  
  There is no margin of error when it comes to emergency response notifications. The systems must be ready when you are. Any delays in broadcasting information can be costly to your organization and patients.  
  If your healthcare needs include tracking patients, our solution is perfect for that task. People with cognitive impairment may wander and end up in situations where they don't know their locations.  
  Managing staff shortages is another area of the healthcare industry that administrators find challenging. Our notification software for hospitals can help to meet those challenges. Administrators can quickly locate replacement personnel to fill the shortage of staff.  
  Notify.com offers robust reporting to learn from past events. This feature helps healthcare organizations improve operations. The reports from our healthcare notification system can identify vulnerable communication shortfalls.  
  We are a leader in the emergency mass notification services industry. Since 1993 , Notify.com has been helping mission-critical sectors such as healthcare — in delivering messages to keep people safe and healthy. Learn more on our website about how we can help your organization with our medical notification system.  
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