IT systems are often part of a company's mission-critical operations. Customers rely on the systems to work, and potential customers will need access to learn more about your company's products and services.  
  In many cases, companies are unaware that their systems are having trouble until they get customer support calls. Potential customers won't even bother to call for support. They'll move on to a competitor's website.  
  What if your IT staff were notified before customers made support calls? You could address problems proactively and keep customers from even knowing that something is wrong. At the very least, you'll already have started handling the situation before those calls arise.  
  Notify.com offers IT notification software that can help your business stay informed of several events. The service is available from any device, and you won't need any special hardware.  
  If your company requires acknowledgment of messages sent , our IT monitring system can provide that for you. It's a feature called One Touch Reply . The user hits the button that appears when this feature is activated.  
  Notify.com users activate the notification types from their dashboard . These include alarms, SMS text messages, heartbeats, and escalations, and they can be set manually or via automation. All of these can be monitored in real-time.  
  Users can generate reports and access sophisticated data mining capabilities, which directly access the system's internal database, but in a user-friendly manner. You will not need SQL experts and other database gurus to understand the easy-to-use interface. You can extract the reports in various formats supported by the system.  
  When you understand what events are causing alarms and escalations, you can work to close the gap on these issues. Avoiding these issues before they happen is ideal; our IT monitoring system can help you learn about them quickly.  
  Contact us today at Notify.com to start taking advantage of our notification services.  
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