Every Notify.com implementation is bundled with a feature referred to as Opt In Subscriptions .

Opt In Subscriptions can be enabled or disabled for any Notify.com installation.

When enabled, this capability provides Notify.com users with the ability to select the category of messages—or Subscriptions— of interest to them .
    Using Subscriptions: Step 1

A Notify.com Administrator defines the Subscription names.
    Using Subscriptions: Step 2

A Notify.com Administrator assigns users to the desired Subscriptions.

In this example, Hal Issac and Kim Lowe are both company Directors. They would like the option to determine if they will be notified when a Notify.com message is sent to the IT...critical Subscription.
    Using Subscriptions: Step 3

Users select the Subscriptions of interest to them.

In this example, the Notify.com user named Kim Lowe views all Subscriptions she has been authorized to see . She then selects the Subscriptions of interest to her.

Kim will receive notification for any message published to the IT...critical Subscription. Lisa has chosen to not receive notification for messages published to the IT...info Subscription.
    Using Subscriptions: Step 4

Web Messaging Publishers send messages to the selected Subscriptions.

In this example, the IT Help Desk is using Notify.com Web Messaging to send an important message to the IT Day Shift Group, and the IT...critical Subscription.

All Notify.com users assigned to the IT Day Shift Group will receive the notification.

Users assigned to the IT...critical Subscription will only receive notification if they have enabled, or Opt'd in , to the Subscription.
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